Yaroslavl Experimental Industrial and Oil Plant
named after Mendeleev
founded in 1879
Contact us:
(48533) 7-91-31
Our address:
152321, Russian Federation, Yaroslavl region,
Tutaevsky district, Konstantinovsky village,
st. Sovetskaya, 1
The coronavirus pandemic divided society into those who need help and those who provide it. Yaroslavl OPNMZ named Mendeleev did not stand aside in the current situation and directed his resources to support children's preschool and educational institutions of the Konstantinovsky rural settlement. In the framework of charitable assistance for kindergartens and schools, as well as for plant labor veterans - non-working pensioners, disinfectant solutions and protective masks were purchased and delivered.
The negative consequences of the coronavirus infections felt by all: the government, enterprises, people. First of all, socially vulnerable layers of society suffer. These are kids. Therefore, the owner of the enterprise agreed on a number of measures to support employees of large families, women on maternity leave for children under three years of age, and workers with disabled children. They all received financial assistance.
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Contact us:
Russian Federation, Yaroslavl region,
Konstantinovsky village
tel. +7 (48533) 7-91-31
fax. +7 (48533) 7-95-55
e-mail: info@opnmz.ru

Yaroslavl Experimental Industrial and Oil Plant named Dmitriy Mendeleev is the receiver of the oldest refinery currently operating in Russia. In 1881, a group of engineers headed by the great Russian scientist D. I. Mendeleev worked at the plant.